Hello, is there anybody in there?

I’ve always been a journal kind of lady.

I still have my enormous agendas and extra secret diaries, with all special notes, stickers, chocolate wrapping paper, photographs, cute animal shaped paper clips and random texts I would get in each specific year, all back in my parents’ house. There must be 6 of those, with my entire adolescence and young adult life described into them, all sorts of emotions you can possibly imagine.

Writing has always been a way of venting my worries out. I would (try to) impersonate my biggest literature heroes, creating a whole different world from my own, a place I could always escape to in case of danger.  I also got to know my favourite people through writing, back in the old LiveJournal and Fotolog years (anyone remember those?), so why not getting back on the chain gang again?

To be entirely honest, I don’t think I was ready. So many things have happened since I’ve written something, you kind of feel rusted and out-of-place. Being part of the social media generation is a huge pressure itself, the “Facebook world” ends up making us believe everybody’s life is perfect, every single person is always having loads of fun, going to amazing places, happiness is all there is and we should all feel this way. And it’s not true, life is far from being perfect, among smiles there is also a whole deal of tears and that’s how we get on with our lives.

My reason for writing these days is as simple as it gets: I want to express my own type of reality, personal points of view, to create discussion topics, so people out there can relate to, think about things in a different perspective or even just have a fun time reading what I have to say. Getting to know me better, the different side of my Instagram shiny life, my random thoughts and what I love the most about living.

Por eu vir de uma mistura de culturas e gostos (which I’m very proud of), esse espaço vai ser tão misturado quanto eu, dependendo do meu humor em si.

So fasten your seat belts, the journey is about to commence!





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