The Magnificent Seven!

[and I’m not talking about any super-heroes…]

And my first official topic post is going to be about one of my favourite things: Graveyards!

Living in London has provided me with the opportunity of getting to know amazing pieces of architecture, pure beauty and history ❤

The Magnificent Seven are the 7 main private graveyards built up on the 19th century surrounding Central London due to overcrowding in existing parish burial grounds – up until then, any deceased being would be buried under their local churchyards or just thrown at Thames.

So goth me had surely to visit all of them and here are my impressions concerning each one of them:

{I’m listing them here according to my visitation order}

  1. Highgate

Highgate Cemetery

Located in North London, this gem is gorgeous and incredibly massive! I’ve visited Highgate during 2015’s Halloween day, when they usually have private tours around the west wing where the ancient catacombs are located, absolutely gorgeous ❤

Highgate is the resting place of Karl Marx (he has two graves there, besides his wife’s), Malcolm McLaren and many others. Highly recommend to pay it a visit.

2. Brompton

Brompton Cemetery – Brompton Cemetery – The Royal Parks

It’s not as big as Highgate but it does have its beauty and catacombs in South London!

My visit was during last summer, in 2016, and it was during their annual opening day, where you can get a tour with volunteers who know the place better than anyone. They do advertise the walk-through as free of charge, however, we got to pay 5 pounds each to join in.

3. Kensal Green

Kensal Green Cemetery – The Official Website of Kensal Green …

And this March, before my birthday, I’ve decided to finish my mission of visiting the remaining 5 magnificent ones, starting with Kensal Green, also a North London graveyard.

This beauty is full of amazing mausoleums and precious ornaments, I was mesmerised by so much gorgeousness ❤

4. Abney Park

Abney Park, Stoke Newington – Home

When I’ve visited this gorgeous place, I wasn’t expecting for such a special scenario.

Abney Park has wilderness and history all around, I was super happy for getting to know such a special place in South London ❤

5. Northwood

Friends of Northwood Cemetery: Home

Northwood is another gem in South London, with its pretty graves and amazing history. They have a whole Russian portion of the cemetery with beautiful crypts.

6. Nunhead

Friends of Nunhead Cemetery

Nunhead has the funniest name I could ever think of for a cemetery, it’s located in South London as well and it’s practically a heath with crypts all over it. Personally, it was my least favourite out of the seven simply for the fact it’s not properly preserved and it made me sad so see some of its legacy ruined along its trails and pathways.

7. Tower Hamlets

FoTHCP Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Tower Hamlets is an East London graveyard with lovely ponds around it. It’s the only member of the 7 which is opened 24 hours, lovely place to jog around.


Disclaimer: All pictures displayed here are by yours truly, feel more than welcome to use it but kindly place the according credits 🙂

If you fancy graveyards and walking loads on lovely scenarios, getting to know these 7 treasures is a nice thing to do around London which many people are not aware of. I’m really happy I’ve managed to go through each one of them and would do so all over again ❤



x C.


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