Heaven Adores You…

[That’s a kind of review + heart-to-heart talk, I must say…]

I’ve had a pretty heavy collection of days since last Sunday evening. Something I haven’t felt in a while, that grabbed me by my two feet and just turned me upside down, leaving me hopeless and tremendously scared. This, I’ll try to share in a bit, maybe spread around several posts {you’ll definitely notice pieces of “it” among my writing, since I seem not able to get rid of “it”}. For now, let’s focus on something pretty, shall we?

Monday evening was the worst: I’ve been to the hospital earlier that morning, back home feeling not-so-great-is-easy-to-say and was not really keen on coping with anything whatsoever. Then, my incredible and troubled mind brought up a so much needed thing, long gone.  – SUDDEN PAUSE FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION: My brain works in mysterious ways, I have a tendency to remember every single detail concerning things, facts, people, places, ideas, memories without a proper sense of organisation; if I really need a piece of information I’ve absorbed in the past, I won’t be able to pick it up when necessary, but in random occasions, such as having a bath and remembering the amount of victims during the French Revolution. Plus the fact I constantly change my line of thought being able to go turns around and returning to the original idea, confusing any listener –

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the Eureka factor of my blue (literally) Monday: I needed to watch “Heaven Adores You“! And I finally did, so glad to say so!

For those who haven’t heard of it: an amazing documentary concerning one of my favourite musicians/songwriters, the ultra talented Elliott Smith ❤

Elliott was one of those unique souls that come to this world to make us think about life in a whole different perspective. He was incredibly talented, with highly meaningful lyrics, someone who left this planet too soon and shall never be forgotten. I remember listening to him for the first time back 1998, right after the release of Good Will Hunting  – the film is filled with his songs, such as “Miss Misery” which was nominated for an Oscar in 1998 – and couldn’t stop listening to/trying to find more of his work.

I’ve always related to him, even at really early age. All of the mental struggle he describes in each song is something I and many others have experienced and try to cope with. His words have always been powerful and filled with those tricky emotions you must have felt at least once in a lifetime. Like many of my dearest heroes/idols, Elliott was unique, someone who taught how to be more in touch with my own self.

“Heaven Adores You” describes his musical active years, with testimonies of family members, friends, industry people, fans and people who were touched by Elliott’s art somehow. I was really pleased with its descriptions, scenarios, it brought me to tears so easily. It’s a relief to watch something about him which doesn’t focus on the tragedy itself, but celebrates the wonderful being he was and all of the fantastic work he has left us. It’s a celebration of life, with nothing to be regretted, and it makes us, whoever knew him or his art, to revive all of the great things he’s given us.

Congrats to Nickolas Rossi for not only creating a proper homage to Elliott, but also, venting out all of his deepest feelings towards a friend and hero’s life, definitely, a must see!

You can either purchase the recently launched Blu-Ray here: Heaven Adores You [Blu-ray] [2015]: Amazon.co.uk: Elliott Smith: DVD …

Or like me, right here: Elliott Smith: Heaven Adores You on iTunes

And if you wish to get to know a little bit more of Elliott’s awesome masterpieces (I HIGHLY recommend you to do so) go and check him right here: Elliott Smith on Spotify


Happy Friday off, LIFT OFF!


x. C


2 thoughts on “Heaven Adores You…

  1. Sorry for the late reply on this, but thank you very much for your comment and indeed, couldn’t agree more – Elliott was an unique soul, I’m glad HAY was developed in this way, it truly makes justice to the amazing human being he was 🙂


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