I took a time capsule and went back to the 1940s!

{sort of..}

So yesterday, the 16th April, myself and my sister from a different mister headed to a super special event promoted by the always gorgeous Lollipop Projects, Events and Pop ups inspired by the true spies and detectives of our times in the UK during the WWII, based on the Bletchley Park | Home > the British code-breaker headquarters during the war, focused in cracking the enemies codes.

Who knows me enough, understands my HUGE obsession concerning investigation, Sherlock Homes, crimes, WWII, history and England, so you can imagine how awful excited I was concerning this pop-up event!

The Bletchley (@thebletchley) | Twitter is an amazing experience from start to finish: you get at the reception greeted by the most attentive hostess, all dressed up like a true agent in 1942, immersed in the scenario. The environment is gorgeously produced, you get the chance to dress yourself up with proper WWII British army jackets and have all of the coolest decoders, radios and necessary gadgets a proper spy needs!

[I was agent Violet, by the way]

The most attentive staff makes you immerse even more into the atmosphere, always willing to assist you should you need any help in decoding your drinks – We, actually, were extremely quick in deciphering each step, so no extra brains were needed – never leaving the character. Loveliest agents a country could have! Our drinks, by the way, were the most delicious things!

The experience itself lasts 2 hours and gives you the opportunity having 3 cocktails each: a welcome tasty one, 2 sets of instructions to decode more 2 individual and pretty unique drinks – no one will have the same drink as you, I won’t spoil the surprise but let’s say you’re the one who practically creates your own beverages, how cool is that?! 😀

Their agenda is opened up until the end of May, so if you’re in London and fancies some cocktails, history and spies, go-go to Lollipops website (above, at the beginning of this post) and book a slot for your party, I super highly recommend it!

# Disclaimer: All pictures and videos done by yours truly and Dina, my beloved spy-sister 🙂


Super thanks to all of the agents I’ve met last night, you guys were great mission-partners!


x. C



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