I have a huge fascination towards colours. I’ve always fell in love with rainbows and all different tones we can possibly find in this world. This huge diversity is so gorgeous, it takes my breath away, I tend to be a very colourful person myself. I feel red while angry, shades of pink while in […]

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Heaven Adores You…

[That’s a kind of review + heart-to-heart talk, I must say…] I’ve had a pretty heavy collection of days since last Sunday evening. Something I haven’t felt in a while, that grabbed me by my two feet and just turned me upside down, leaving me hopeless and tremendously scared. This, I’ll try to share in […]

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Who’ll love Aladdin Sane?

The whole universe, indeed! \o/ Happy 44th anniversary to one of the most amazing albums of music history, from the most formidable performer/artist/musician that has ever existed, my father David Bowie Official Website | No Plan EP so deeply missed and never forgotten ❤ This masterpiece has some very sweet details surrounding its conception that I’d like to […]

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The Magnificent Seven!

[and I’m not talking about any super-heroes…] And my first official topic post is going to be about one of my favourite things: Graveyards! Living in London has provided me with the opportunity of getting to know amazing pieces of architecture, pure beauty and history ❤ The Magnificent Seven are the 7 main private graveyards […]

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Hello, is there anybody in there?

I’ve always been a journal kind of lady. I still have my enormous agendas and extra secret diaries, with all special notes, stickers, chocolate wrapping paper, photographs, cute animal shaped paper clips and random texts I would get in each specific year, all back in my parents’ house. There must be 6 of those, with my […]

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